L'année de l'éveil
IMDb 6.0/10  (279)
RFF 5.8/10  (6)
SC 6.6/10 

Year: 1991
Country: Belgium, France
Actors and Actresses: Maxime Mansion, Grégoire Colin
Review: A sensitive, 14 year old orphan in a military school learns about life and love from his classmates and teachers. - IMDb
Movie added at: 20.07.2022

'L'année de l'éveil'

IMDb 5.8/10  (210)
SC 6.8/10 

Year: 2022
Country: Denmark
Actors and Actresses: Maya Louise Skipper Gonzalez, Harald Kaiser Hermann, Vivelill Søgaard Holm
Review: A group of 8th graders who confront the meaningless of life and leave behind the innocence of childhood. - IMDb
Movie added at: 16.07.2022


Le cas Perrot
IMDb 7.4/10  (21)
RFF 6.0/10  (1)
SC 9.8/10 

Year: 2019
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Alexis Nativel
Movie added at: 13.07.2022

'Le cas Perrot'

IMDb 5.8/10  (137)
RFF 10.0/10  (1)
SC 1.2/10 

Year: 1980
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Katja Bienert, Bernd Riedel
Review: Novel-based story of Jacob Fabian, a somewhat liberal Berlin advertising copywriter who witnesses the collapse of the prewar German society during the 1930s. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.07.2022


Erbsen auf halb 6
IMDb 6.9/10  (1 075)
RFF 4.5/10  (2)
SC 1.6/10 

Year: 2004
Country: Germany
Actors and Actresses: Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer
Review: A film director loses his sight in an accident and must learn to live without his eyes. He and the blind woman assigned to help him go on a funny and romantic adventure that will change both their lives. - IMDb
Movie added at: 06.07.2022

'Erbsen auf halb 6'

Enigma rosso
IMDb 5.6/10  (737)
SC 7.7/10 

Year: 1978
Country: Italy, West Germany, Spain
Actors and Actresses: Carolin Ohrner, Fausta Avelli
Tags: bathing girl
Review: A detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl begins to focus his suspicions on the three girlfriends of the victim, who call themselves "The Inseparables." - IMDb
Movie added at: 02.07.2022

'Enigma rosso'

La disubbidienza
IMDb 5.2/10  (243)
RFF 6.8/10  (5)
SC 9.4/10 

Year: 1981
Country: Italy, France
Actors and Actresses: Karl Zinny
Review: Luca Manzi is a fourteen year old boy while the Northern Italy Republic of Salò is governed by the Fascists. Luca becomes a partisan but after the end of the war he is disappointed because things don't seem to have changed as he had hoped and he decides to let himself die. But he is saved by Edith who tries to introduce him to sex. When suddenly Edith, who was also the lover of luca's father, dies of a heart attack, Luca is sick again. This time he is saved by Angela, his nurse, who sells herself to buy the remedy to cure him. Angela becames Luca's lover when his parents go to Rome and when they come back Luca decides to leave them despising their lives. - IMDb
Movie added at: 29.06.2022

'La disubbidienza'

Szép lányok, ne sírjatok!
IMDb 6.3/10  (335)
RFF 10.0/10  (1)
SC 5.8/10 

Year: 1970
Country: Hungary
Actors and Actresses: Jaroslava Schallerová
Review: Savanyú and his friends work at a plant. After the monotonous shifts they engage in the pleasures of the afternoon and the night: Sex, parties and concerts. Savanyú dates Juli, who works in workers' hostels with the other girls. They are already engaged, but have almost no time to spend together. At a concert held in the Park of Youth, Juli gets to know Géza. They flirt and eventually travel through the country with a pop-group. Savanyú goes after them and catches up with Géza and the pop-group. A minor fight cools the atmosphere. Juli must decide, and her choice is Savanyú. Nothing can stop the wedding now. - IMDb
Movie added at: 25.06.2022

'Szép lányok, ne sírjatok!'

IMDb 7.0/10  (962)
RFF 6.6/10  (5)
SC 8.8/10 

Year: 1973
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Robby Benson, Glynnis O'Connor
Review: Jeremy Jones is learning cello at an arts school in New York. At school he spots Susan Rollins, who practices for a ballet audition, and he falls in love on first sight. He's very diffident in nearing her, so he gets some help of his experienced friend Ralph. Susan's first impression isn't great, until she hears him play his cello. The movie paints a quiet image of him winning her heart and the development of their relationship. - IMDb
Movie added at: 22.06.2022


Voleurs de chevaux
IMDb 6.6/10  (582)
RFF 4.0/10  (1)
SC 7.5/10 

Year: 2007
Country: Belgium, France, Canada
Actors and Actresses: Mylène St-Sauveur
Review: Jakub and Vladimir, two brothers in their late teens, join in the Cossack army to flee poverty. Elias and Roman, two other brothers, on their own as well, steal horses to survive... When fate brings them together, the encounter proves lethal. Vladimir gets killed. Jakub now burning with anger, is obsessed with revenge. A wild track begins, no one will be left unharmed... - IMDb
Movie added at: 18.06.2022

'Voleurs de chevaux'

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