IMDb 7.4/10  (2 828)
RFF 6.8/10  (19)
SC 6.1/10 

Year: 1983
Country: Denmark
Actors and Actresses: Morten Hoff, Mette Knudsen, Ulrikke Bondo, Ane Haugen Mikkelsen, Adam Tønsberg, Peter Reichhardt
Tags: bathing boy
Review: 'Zappa,' the prequel to 'Twist + Shout,' (on the same DVD) is the story of three teenagers in 1960s Copenhagen each from different backgrounds: the manipulative upperclass rich kid Steen, clean-cut middleclass boy Bjorn and the lowerclass overweight prankster Mulle. -
Movie added at: 11.05.2020


Na hory
IMDb 7.1/10  (164)
RFF 5.8/10  (5)
SC 6.0/10 

Year: 2018
Country: Czech Republic
Actors and Actresses: Lukás Vertát
Review: An outwardly prosperous Czech family decided to spend a weekend in the mountains. But, as it turned out, these plans became known not only to them. Along the way, their teenage son was repeatedly subjected to violence by only one well-known blackmailer. Which made the boy ask his parents under various pretexts to stop, in order to retire, to take several photos for him. - IMDb
Movie added at: 10.05.2020

'Na hory'

Tule tagasi, Lumumba
IMDb 6.6/10  (28)
RFF 1.0/10  (1)
SC 0.5/10 

Year: 1992
Country: Estonia
Actors and Actresses: Ahto Heiden, Ojar Rouk
Movie added at: 10.05.2020

'Tule tagasi, Lumumba'

Ranenyy angel
IMDb 6.6/10  (275)
RFF 5.0/10  (4)
SC 6.4/10 

Year: 2016
Country: Germany, France, Kazakhstan
Actors and Actresses: Omar Adilov, Madiyar Aripbay, Madiyar Nazarov, Nurlybek Saktaganov
Tags: bathing boy
Review: Mid-90s in Kazakhstan, a time of a deep economical crisis… Zharas carries bags of flour to feed his family. His father just got out of prison and can’t find a job, so he’s on his own to allow his family to survive. Chick has a wonderful voice and prepares to take part in a singing contest. But someday, new friends appear in his life. Toad is hanging out in the ruins and sewers of his village, looking for metal scraps he could resell. One day he encounters three deranged young boys, the Gluesniffers, who show him a hidden treasure in an abandoned plant. Aslan is a brilliant student who gets ready to enter a medical college in the city, but finds out that his girlfriend got pregnant unexpectedly. Realizing the hopelessness of the conditions in the village, he decides to assist her to have an abortion... Four moral tales, four destinies of teenagers who will burn their wings to find a place and survive in a poor village of Kazakhstan : Balapan, a victim of bullying who doesn’t want to fight; Zharas, whose father is a thief and has to feed his family; Zhaba, who searches for some metal scraps and lusts after a secret treasure guarded by a group of deranged kids; and Aslan, who fears that his medic studies will be compromised by his girlfriend getting pregnant. The Wounded Angel is the second opus of an eponymous triptych on teenagers about the complex, at times irrational and inadequate relationships that young children becoming adults have with the world. It is the second long feature by Emir Baigazin, the Kazakh director revealed during Berlinale 2013, when it was awarded the Silver Bear.
Movie added at: 10.05.2020

'Ranenyy angel'

Il ragazzo invisibile
IMDb 6.2/10  (3 912)
RFF 6.3/10  (13)
SC 8.0/10 

Year: 2014
Country: Italy, France
Actors and Actresses: Ludovico Girardello, Assil Kandil, Filippo Valese, Enea Barozzi, Noa Zatta
Review: Michele is thirteen year old, shy, unpopular at school, and in love with Stella. After wearing a costume for a Halloween party, he finds out that he's invisible. - IMDb
Movie added at: 10.05.2020

'Il ragazzo invisibile'

IMDb 7.2/10  (119)

Year: 1996
Country: Germany, Senegal
Tags: bathing girl
Review: Mossane is a beautiful 14-year-old girl who has just reached marriageable age in a village in Senegal. She has many suitors, including a simple-minded farmer's son who plans to drag her away. Even her own brother Ngor is in love with her. However she is in love with Fara, a poor student who has returned to the village, while the university is on strike. At birth, she had been promised in marriage to Diogoye, who went away to work in France. Diogoye, who supplied her parents with many things over the years, has now sent a dowry, and asked that she be married to him in the village in his absence; she would then be sent to France. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.05.2020


Simindis kundzuli
IMDb 7.5/10  (4 505)
RFF 8.0/10  (2)
SC 6.1/10 

Year: 2014
Country: Georgia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Hungary
Actors and Actresses: Mariam Buturishvili
Tags: girl skinny dip
Review: Swollen up by the spring inundation, the river falls down on the lowlands and before eventually throwing rocks and silts in the sea, gathers them here and there in the middle of the river. In several days, even sometimes overnight, in these shoals rather large islands are created. Soil of such an island is rich and fertile. An old man and its young grand-daughter decide to grow corn on this island. But soldiers pass by. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.05.2020

'Simindis kundzuli'

Une saison dans la vie d'Emmanuel
IMDb 4.4/10  (52)
RFF 3.5/10  (2)
SC 7.1/10 

Year: 1973
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Manuel Pinto, Georges Domergue
Review: A Season in the Life of Emmanuel, a newborn who witnesses the drastic changes a French family experiences in a brief period of time. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.05.2020

'Une saison dans la vie d'Emmanuel'

Uroki garmonii
IMDb 7.3/10  (957)
RFF 6.0/10  (1)
SC 4.2/10 

Year: 2013
Country: Kazakhstan, Germany, France
Actors and Actresses: Timur Aidarbekov, Omar Adilov
Tags: bathing boy
Review: Harmony Lessons is set in a small Kazakhstan village, where Aslan, a thirteen-year-old boy living with his grandmother is a diligent student, bullied by an older boy Bolat and his gang - a gang connected with adult criminals and prisoners. The plot concerns Aslan's humiliations, and slow revenge.
Movie added at: 09.05.2020

'Uroki garmonii'

Izgubljeni zavicaj
IMDb 7.1/10  (105)
SC 7.1/10 

Year: 1980
Country: Yugoslavia, Croatia
Actors and Actresses: Miljenko Muzic, Jasminka Poklecki
Review: The funeral in his native village evokes the main character's reminiscences from the childhood, but the bygone time exist only in his memories. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.05.2020

'Izgubljeni zavicaj'

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