IMDb 6.5/10  (468)
RFF 8.0/10  (2)
SC 6.3/10 

Year: 2013
Country: Finland
Actors and Actresses: Erik Lönngren, Ping Mon H. Wallén, Patrik Kumpulainen
Tags: bathing boy
Review: In 1939 the 13-year-old Carl arrives at the lighthouse Lågskär in the Åland Islands, for a position as lighthouse disciple. He is trained by the demanding lighthouse keeper. - IMDb
Movie added at: 31.05.2023



The Blood on Satan's Claw
IMDb 6.4/10  (7 556)
RFF 8.0/10  (1)
SC 6.0/10 

Year: 1971
Country: United Kingdom
Actors and Actresses: Lesley Roach, Robin Davies, Linda Hayden
Review: Horror thriller set in 17th century England about the children of a village slowly converting into a coven of devil worshipers. - IMDb
Movie added at: 27.05.2023


'The Blood on Satan's Claw'

Tom Brown's Schooldays
IMDb 7.3/10  (1 078)
RFF 6.2/10  (11)
SC 2.4/10 

Year: 2005
Country: United Kingdom
Actors and Actresses: Alex Pettyfer, Lucinda Dryzek, Zac Fox, Harry Michell, Dane Carter, Harry Lister Smith
Tags: bathing boy
Review: This new adaptation of Thomas Hughes' famous novel tells the tale of a young boy's courage in the face of vicious bullying. Set in Rugby Public School during the mid-1800s, the eponymous Tom transforms from timid, homesick schoolboy to courageous student as he learns to confront his fears, stand up for his friends, and hurdle the obstacles of adolescence.
Movie added at: 24.05.2023

'Tom Brown's Schooldays'

Une femme douce
IMDb 7.4/10  (3 061)
SC 2.4/10 

Year: 1969
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Dominique Sanda
Review: A young woman kills herself, leaving no explanation to her grief-stricken pawnbroker husband. We learn in flashback about how they met, married, and how she failed to adapt her lifestyle to his. Disgusted with his attempts to dominate her, she considered murdering him, but found herself unable to do it... - IMDb
Movie added at: 20.05.2023

'Une femme douce'

Coming Down the Mountain
IMDb 7.3/10  (533)
SC 6.8/10 

Year: 2007
Country: United Kingdom
Actors and Actresses: Nicholas Hoult, Emer Kenny, Will Howes, Samuel Gaukroger
Review: An original drama by novelist Mark Haddon about two teenage brothers: angst-ridden David and Ben, who has Downs Syndrome. - IMDb
Movie added at: 17.05.2023

'Coming Down the Mountain'

Trop (peu) d'amour
IMDb 5.5/10  (110)
SC 4.2/10 

Year: 1998
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Lou Doillon
Movie added at: 13.05.2023


'Trop (peu) d'amour'

Bir Avuç Cennet
IMDb 6.7/10  (294)
SC 6.4/10 

Year: 1985
Country: Turkey, Sweden
Actors and Actresses: Baris Adali, Revnak Güzel, Ömer Yalnizcik
Review: A family migrates to big city with hopes to pursue a better life. Unable to afford a place to stay, they find shelter in an abandoned bus. As they turn their new home into "a handful of paradise", firm reels of city life keep rolling. - IMDb
Movie added at: 10.05.2023

'Bir Avuç Cennet'

Una rosa de Francia
IMDb 5.3/10  (300)
SC 7.5/10 

Year: 2006
Country: Spain
Actors and Actresses: Ana de Armas
Review: Simon transports illegal immigrants to New York, leaving them to their fate. He is discovered by the coastguard and Andrés, a young sailor, saves his life. When he falls for a young protegée of Simon conflict erupts. - IMDb
Movie added at: 06.05.2023

'Una rosa de Francia'

Samostoyatelnaya zhizn
IMDb 6.4/10  (206)
RFF 6.9/10  (10)
SC 8.9/10 

Year: 1992
Country: United Kingdom, Russia, France
Actors and Actresses: Pavel Nazarov, Dinara Drukarova
Review: In this sequel to Freeze-Die-Come to Life, our hero (Pavel Nazarov), now roughly fourteen, finds himself alive but still unable to keep out of trouble. His female chum Galia did not fare as well, but her sister (Dinara Drukarove, who played the role of Galia too) is present and develops a love/hate relationship with her sibling's friend. Complications arise when the boy is accused of stealing at school and again finds himself on the lam. Very similar to its predecessor, minus that it is filmed in color and concludes with a dose of surrealism.
Movie added at: 03.05.2023

'Samostoyatelnaya zhizn'

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