Schulmädchen-Report 5. Teil - Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten
IMDb 4.3/10  (370)
RFF 6.0/10  (2)
SC 9.6/10 

Year: 1973
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Andrea L'Arronge, Christine von Stratowa, Sonja Jeannine
Review: Six more first-hand accounts of sexual awakening amongst school girls in the early Seventies - some with a happy end, some without. - IMDb
Movie added at: 24.02.2024

'Schulmädchen-Report 5. Teil - Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten'

Hasta encontrarte
SC 8.4/10 

Year: 2013
Country: Mexico
Actors and Actresses: Luis Fernando Schivy
Movie added at: 21.02.2024

'Hasta encontrarte'

Loon Lake
IMDb 6.6/10  (14)
SC 7.4/10 

Year: 2012
Country: Italy, USA
Actors and Actresses: Rosabell Laurenti Sellers
Tags: girl skinny dip
Review: Madeleine and Rosy, age 15, both have issues with boys and sex, which they want to resolve this summer. They are vacationing at a cabin on Loon Lake in Maine. When they meet two local guys at the general store they naively accept an invitation to a secret rendez-vous at a secluded pond on a mountaintop for skinny dipping. After the meeting goes wrong, the girls get lost in the woods and as night falls a happy outing turns into a nightmare. The girls struggle to find their way, in a metaphoric journey towards maturity.... - IMDb
Movie added at: 17.02.2024

'Loon Lake'

Vergiss beim Sex die Liebe nicht - Der neue Schulmädchenreport 13. Teil
IMDb 4.1/10  (236)
RFF 6.3/10  (8)
SC 8.5/10 

Year: 1980
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Katja Bienert
Review: During rehearsals for a school performance, a group of students discusses whether sex and love belong together, and whether both together in a relationship is possible. - IMDb
Movie added at: 17.02.2024

'Vergiss beim Sex die Liebe nicht - Der neue Schulmädchenreport 13. Teil'

Max und Moritz Reloaded
IMDb 2.5/10  (417)
RFF 6.4/10  (19)
SC 7.7/10 

Year: 2005
Country: Germany
Actors and Actresses: Anna Hausburg, Kai Michael Müller, Willi Gerk, Roxanne Borski
Tags: bathing boy
Review: Based on Wilhelm Busch's classic tale, Max and Moritz are two underage brothers living an adventurous life of petty-crime in Hamburg. Their mother Rita, an anarchist with a love for life, has nothing on her mind but making music, drinking and messing around and she doesn’t really care what her boys are up to. Only Paula, the angel-like social worker with a helper syndrome and very good intentions, tries to safe what is beyond saving. The two boys cause with a crash a stolen car, in the passenger seat sit the adolescent daughters of a Hamburg senator. Enough is enough! The two scoundrels are packed up and sent to a boot camp.
This camp is run by Axel and Henry, two former East German soldiers with a tendency to sing and who still strongly believe in Communism. Secretly they are gay and have been a couple for a long time. But with Max and Moritz nothing is a secret for long. In theory Axel and Henry get Ђ150 per day per child but in reality, and after a very short time, they too surrender to the mischievous boys.
Everything could be fine now if Max and Moritz hadn’t stolen small-town pimp Murder Hanne’s red Ferrari. The nationalistic sadist teaches the boys a painful lesson. But Max and Moritz wouldn’t be Max and Moritz if they let this weekend-fascist get them down... and when they steal the key to their military school’s ordinance depot, things start to change... And when mama Rita and angel Paula come to visit, things climax in every possible way... -
Movie added at: 14.02.2024


'Max und Moritz Reloaded'

Il fiore delle mille e una notte
IMDb 6.7/10  (8 919)
RFF 6.9/10  (18)
SC 9.9/10 

Year: 1974
Country: Italy, France
Actors and Actresses: Elisabetta Genovese, Barbara Grandi, Franco Merli, Fessazion Gherentiel, Giana Idris
Tags: bathing boy, bathing girl
Review: In this film inspired by the ancient erotic and mysterious tales of Mid-West Asia, the main story concerns an innocent young man who comes to fall in love with a slave who selected him as her master. After his foolish error causes their separation, he travels in search of her. Various other travelers who recount their own tragic and romantic experiences include stories of a young man who becomes enraptured by a mysterious woman on his wedding day, and a man who is determined to free a woman from a demon. - IMDb
Movie added at: 07.02.2024


'Il fiore delle mille e una notte'

Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten
IMDb 4.7/10  (746)
RFF 6.5/10  (2)
SC 1.5/10 

Year: 1970
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Marion Kracht, Jutta Speidel
Review: A teenage girl is caught petting with the bus driver during an outing. The school's parent council discusses her punishment. One parent, a psychologist, suggests that her behavior is not abnormal or worthy of expulsion. He describes teen girls' experiments with sex, and these dramatized vignettes, interspersed with man-in-the-street interviews with young women about their attitudes and experiences, make a case for 60's generation's attitude of independence. The girls argue for telling the truth in the face of post-war German convention. In the end, will Renata be expelled or recognized as a girl from a new era? - IMDb
Movie added at: 03.02.2024

'Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten'

Die Erben
IMDb 6.6/10  (275)
RFF 5.7/10  (7)
SC 9.4/10 

Year: 1983
Country: Austria
Actors and Actresses: Nikolas Vogel
Review: A neo-Nazi organization is recruiting in the 1980s, and two youths of high-school age join for similar reasons, despite class differences. Thomas is the son of a self-made industrialist father and a scolding social-climbing mother. He attends private school and has a brother who's an accomplished musician, but neither can satisfy mom's constant demands for school and social success. She belittles them, and there's incessant bickering at their table. Charly, a dropout, is the son of an abusive, alcoholic laborer. In the youth group, each finds order, respect, camaraderie, and adults who seem to value them. Where do domestic abuse and sanctioned political violence end? - IMDb
Movie added at: 31.01.2024

'Die Erben'

Serce do walki
IMDb 5.7/10  (13)
SC 7.4/10 

Year: 2012
Country: Poland
Actors and Actresses: Angelika Paszkowska
Review: A young man becomes involved in illegal fights in hopes of supporting his mother and paying for his brother's badly needed surgery - IMDb
Movie added at: 27.01.2024

'Serce do walki'

IMDb 5.3/10  (1 519)
RFF 1.0/10  (2)
SC 9.3/10 

Year: 1983
Country: Sweden
Actors and Actresses: Niclas Wahlgren, Ulrika Örn
Review: Three friends, Robban, Alexander and Kim has just left the compulsory school, and now they consider themselves grown-up and mature, being 16 years old. During the summer holiday they also get a bit of experience of the world: Robban becomes a full-time drug addict, Alexander plays in a rock band but leaves it and Kim is desperate to get the girl of his dreams. - IMDb
Movie added at: 24.01.2024


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