IMDb 6.6/10  (2 188)
RFF 7.5/10  (2)
SC 6.8/10 

Year: 1995
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Sekkou Sall
Review: Marie has had a tough childhood ever since her mother Elisa commited suicide. She has spent most of her life in an orphanage and now makes a living as a small time criminal in Paris. Now she wants to unravel her past and find her father which she blames for her mothers death. - Mattias Pettersson, IMDb
Movie added at: 17.02.2022



Beloe ozero
IMDb 6.5/10  (14)
RFF 7.0/10  (2)
SC 5.8/10 

Year: 1992
Country: Belarus
Actors and Actresses: Aleksei Ruderman, Mariya Lipkina
Movie added at: 12.02.2022

'Beloe ozero'

Deep End
IMDb 7.2/10  (7 522)
RFF 5.6/10  (7)
SC 9.4/10 

Year: 1970
Country: United Kingdom, West Germany
Actors and Actresses: John Moulder-Brown
Review: 15-year-old Mike takes a job at the local swimming baths, where he becomes obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who works there as an attendant. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of stalking both her and her fiancé. Mike becomes increasingly desperate to have Susan for himself, with tragic results. - IMDb
Movie added at: 09.02.2022


'Deep End'

Agapi sta 16
IMDb 6.8/10  (285)
RFF 6.1/10  (7)
SC 3.5/10 

Year: 2004
Country: Greece, Cyprus
Actors and Actresses: Markella Pappa
Review: Somewhere in the Greek provinces, in the '80s&. The story revolves around a group of 15-year-olds. The main characters of that group, ALEXIS and ANTIGONI, as well as their parents, their relatives and friends are depicted in the movie, creating a fresco of a Greek village. Antigoni and her family have recently moved to the village. There, Antigoni is bound to turn upside down the world of Alexis and his friends'. Alexis, who is a dreamer, is fascinated by her revolutionary temperament and soon falls in love with her. - IMDb
Movie added at: 05.02.2022

'Agapi sta 16'

Legenda o knyagine Olge
IMDb 6.8/10  (163)
SC 7.1/10 

Year: 1984
Country: Soviet Union
Actors and Actresses: Vanya Ivanov, Filipp Ilyenko
Tags: bathing boy
Movie added at: 02.02.2022

'Legenda o knyagine Olge' - part 1
'Legenda o knyagine Olge' - part 2

Promotion canapé
IMDb 4.4/10  (547)
SC 6.1/10 

Year: 1990
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Margot Abascal
Movie added at: 29.01.2022

'Promotion canapé'

Alles Paletti
IMDb 6.4/10  (20)
RFF 8.0/10  (2)
SC 1.6/10 

Year: 1985
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Levin Kress
Tags: bathing boy
Movie added at: 26.01.2022

'Alles Paletti'

Mauvaises fréquentations
IMDb 6.5/10  (763)
SC 8.2/10 

Year: 1999
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Maud Forget, Lou Doillon
Tags: bathing girl
Review: Delphine is a sweet innocent young girl, her new best friend pulls her into a world where she falls in love with a local pretty boy. Working her hardest to make him love her drags her into prostitution. - IMDb
Movie added at: 22.01.2022

'Mauvaises fréquentations'

Dagen van Gras
IMDb 6.3/10  (78)
SC 2.5/10 

Year: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Actors and Actresses: Martijn Lakemeier
Movie added at: 19.01.2022

'Dagen van Gras'

Das Puppenheim in Pinnow
IMDb 6.6/10  (12)
SC 3.4/10 

Year: 1984
Country: East Germany
Actors and Actresses: Petra Fritzenwanker
Tags: bathing girl
Movie added at: 15.01.2022

'Das Puppenheim in Pinnow'

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