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Fontána pre Zuzanu
Year: 1986
Country: Czechoslovakia
Actors and Actresses: Jana Svobodová, Marek Bezoušek, Eva Vejmelková
Review: A music film about first love, disappointment, friendship, and breaking-up of young people. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 19.12.2020

'Fontána pre Zuzanu'

Orbis Pictus
Year: 1997
Country: Slovakia
Actors and Actresses: Dorota Nvotová, Matús Krátky
Review: The fourth film FROM Slovak director Martin Šulík and screenwriter Ondrej Šulaj, whose distinctive poetic provides a magical-satiric outlook on reality. Sixteen-year-old Terezka travels FROM a children's institute to her mother's place in the capital, and on the way meets various strange characters exemplifying contemporary Slovakia.
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 18.12.2020

'Orbis Pictus'

Goodbye & Amen
Year: 1978
Country: Italy
Actors and Actresses: Gioia Scola
Review: An agent's plot to overthrow an African nation is jeopardized by his friend's interference in the country's politics. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 12.12.2020

'Goodbye & Amen'

Zámek Nekonecno
Year: 1984
Country: Czechoslovakia
Actors and Actresses: Lukás Hrabeta, Leos Rousek, Daniel Netusil, Mahulena Bocanová
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 09.12.2020

'Zámek Nekonecno'

Year: 1991
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Blandine Lenoir
Tags: bathing girl
Review: After he thinks that his mute daughter is attacked, a butcher stabs and beats a man, which changes his whole life in a very short time. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 05.12.2020


Year: 2004
Country: Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Germany
Actors and Actresses: Oldzhas Nusupbayev
Tags: bathing boy
Review: Shiza is the nickname of a 15-year-old boy. Money, power, and women - he has none of these, yet, in his young life. But, he does have the illegal, underground circuit of bare-knuckle fist-fighting, where he is able to eke out a living by scouting for fighters. When a man is accidentally killed in the ring, though, his life is changed forever. He decides that he should return the dead man's money to his widow and child. But, after he meets the woman, Shiza understands that he has real feelings of love for her. Now, he knows for whom he must earn money, no matter what the cost... - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 02.12.2020


Skønheden og udyret
Year: 1983
Country: Denmark
Actors and Actresses: Line Arlien-Søborg, Eva Gram Schjoldager, Brian Theibel, Lone Elliot, Jan Johansen
Review: When Mette and her father are left alone over the Christmas holidays to paint the new nursery the father ends up alone most of the time. The 16-year-old Mette is always off with her friends at the disco or skating, and the father does not mind until he discovers that young Jønne has taken some semi-nude photos of Mette and clearly is intending to go further in their relationship. Suddenly the father starts hanging out with Mette and her friends as they practice winter sports together - and there is hardly anything stranger, or more embarrassing, as far as Mette is concerned. It is clear that father and daughter are heading toward a change in their relationship as both have to adjust to her "growing up." - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 28.11.2020

'Skønheden og udyret'

Cry Uncle
Year: 1971
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Debbi Morgan
Review: Jake Masters is a private detective who is hired by millionaire Jason Dominic. The police are after Jason in connection with the murder of a woman, and Jason wants Jake to find the real killer. Jake teams up with his nephew, Keith, and Jason's bodyguard, Cora Merrill. They track down the unsavory suspects one by one, getting involved in several murders and sexual situations along the way. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 25.11.2020

'Cry Uncle'

Avariya - doch menta
Year: 1989
Country: Soviet Union
Actors and Actresses: Oksana Arbuzova
Review: A teenage girl nicknamed Avariya - "Crash" - is a rebel child that just can't get along with her family members that try to persuade her to behave normally - that is as other people do. But when Avariya gets gang-raped, his father (who is a cop) breaks all the rules and goes out for revenge. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 21.11.2020

'Avariya - doch menta'

Year: 1980
Country: Brazil
Actors and Actresses: Alba Valeria
Review: Sexy girl seduces all the members of her family. She indirectly causes the failure of his father's marriage, for her stepmother falls in love with her. Then, she has affairs with her father's stepson, and with the farm housekeeper. She and some friends are also raped by some bad guys. But they all celebrate the ruin of traditional family values. - IMDb
Controversial scenes
Movie added at: 18.11.2020


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